Supporting Foster Families

Prairie Creek is blessed to have foster families in our church family. In honor of Foster Awareness Month, we asked them to share with us how we can pray and support them.

  • Things to pray for:

    The Children  

    These children are desperate for the love and belonging everyone else gets, but their lives and environments have taught them survival behaviors that don't work in less dysfunctional settings. They might pick a fight or choose a behavior they absolutely know is wrong, because they want a reaction that they know and understand, whether it’s healthy or not. Pray that they are able to overcome their personal trauma to make long-lasting, healthy attachments that will continue to support them throughout their lives.


    Foster Families

    Pray that foster parents can overlook and forgive disruptions and show love to the foster children in their care. Pray that foster parents can get the support they need. The average foster parent is not feeling support from the state at all while being asked to do more than ever.

    It can be hard for family members to become attached and then repeatedly have to say goodbye to someone. Pray that family members will be able to continue to have an open heart for those that God chooses to come into their homes. 


    Social Workers

    Pray for the social workers who feel like they have nothing but terrible choices. They can't keep taking abuse from all sides without support and caring people around to help. 


    The System

    The foster care system is struggling. In the past there was long-term abuse in residential treatment centers. Cracking down on such abuse has led to stricter guidelines and more restrictive regulations in every setting. Increased red tape has led to the closure of some placement options and increased frustration by many people in dealing with the system. All of this has resulted in greater need, as more kids need placement with less places than ever for them to go. As a result, some kids are getting bounced around quite a bit. This isn't ideal for the children, but any change has to come from inside the CPS organization. That’s a big prayer point. 



    Prayer is needed for people to step up to the biblical mandate to care for the widows and orphans in any of these areas and more.

  • Ways to Help:


    (see some specific prayer points above)


    Become an approved babysitter

    Foster parents can’t just take a date night on a whim. They must use an approved babysitter. To become approved, there's a small amount of paperwork and a background check that includes fingerprints. It can be difficult for foster parents to get the adult break time they need, so having people they know and trust who are willing to become approved as babysitters, would be a huge blessing.


    Get Ready to Volunteer

    Did you know that people can serve foster children and foster families without having to be a foster parent themselves? Volunteers can do their background checks and be ready to serve in many areas. Things like transporters are hard to find to drive children to appointments. Foster families are legally required to get foster children to family visits, etc. Without someone approved to drive, the burden of all that falls on the family.



    If you want more detailed information about how to help, contact the church office to get connected to a foster family in our church who can give you specific information.