Let's pray for each other.

Below are some praises and ongoing prayer needs. Please pray for them and check back for updates.


Please pray for wisdom in a very important financial situation. Pray the Lord will lead me to wise counsel and to move in His timing; Also, the Lord will help me walk in immediate unhindered obedience to His Word!! Thank you


Two friends of our church asked me yo put them on our prayer list—Linda & Gary Keylon. Linda has a heart cathertuzation at Baylor hospital coming up. Gary has a sonogram on kidney soon.


Please pray for a 5th grade music student at my daughter’s school. He was diagnosed with leukemia this past week & has already had his first dose of chemotherapy. Please pray for him, his family, his medical team, & his teachers & friends.


Please pray for my friend Ginny’s grandson Tom who is very sick. He may have been bitten by a recluse spider!


Donna went to Urgent Care today with pain in her leg and they thought it might be a blood clot. She was not able to get an ultrasound scheduled until Monday. Pray that GOD will watch over and keep her well as she is cared for by the doctor.

How can we pray for you?

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