We feel that God wants us to be a neighborhood church on mission, devoted to reaching all the many ethnicities represented in our area with the good news of Jesus Christ. We seek to serve and welcome into our congregation the peoples that God has brought into our neighborhood from all tribes, tongues, and nations.

Our purpose is to connect all peoples to God and to one another.  We seek to do that through:



God created us in his image, with a unique ability to relate to him in love. Worship is our response to God in gratitude, love, and devotion. It is expressed through our daily choice to honor God in all that we do. We consider our worship time together one of the great joys of loving God.



Jesus calls us to a radical surrender, a life spent pursuing him, following in his footsteps, and seeking always to attain to all the good things he has planned for our lives together. We place ourselves under the lordship of Christ and encourage and correct one another along the way to follow him faithfully.



Jesus demands of his followers that they confess their faith in him publicly. He instructs us to share the good news of eternal life in him with everyone, all nations, tribes, and tongues.



God does not call us to him as individuals, but as a family. Through his sacrifice on the cross, Jesus restored the two fundamental relationships that sin had shattered: our loving walk with God and with one another. We seek to live the reconciliation and restoration Christ accomplished on the cross as we bind our lives together in him.



Jesus calls us to serve one another's needs and the needs of the world around us. In his Kingdom, the path to greatness if found through service, not dominion. We follow his example as we seek to meet the needs of those around us.