Our Beliefs

  • The Bible

    We believe the Bible is our final authority for faith and practice. We teach the Bible and seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit in understanding it. While we do not subscribe to a formal creed, a summary of our beliefs is contained in the Baptist Faith and Message 1963

  • The Church

    Our church is a local body of Christ under the Head of the church, Jesus Christ. Our church has a congregational form of government under a church constitution. This does not mean that we are democratic. We serve our King and Lord Jesus Christ, but are convinced that the Holy Spirit dwells in the heart of every believer, and that we hear God's guiding voice best as the assembled body of believers. Business meetings are held quarterly. The congregation is always asked to vote on the annual budget, any capital expenditure beyond the budget, and the calling and terminating of pastoral staff.

  • Being Baptist

    We are proud of our heritage as Baptists, who fought for freedom of religion for everyone. We voluntarily cooperate with several Baptist groups for the sake of sharing the gospel around the world. These groups include the Southern Baptist Convention, Texas Baptists, and Collin Baptist Association