Faith & Games is the brainchild of pastor Randall Worley. He is a person of faith who enjoys tabletop games. He wanted to connect with people who are interested in matters of faith who also enjoy playing tabletop games. This group is meant to provide a place for discussions on profound matters of faith (evil, virtue, redemption, God, humankind...) as well as the more trivial topics surrounding tabletop gaming (card sleeves, game inserts, reviews, house rules, stacks of shame...). He maintains a FaceBook Group. But Faith & Games is also designed for people to meet face to face. Check the FaceBook Group and this page regularly for meeting times and dates, where open discussions on matters of faith will be followed by tabletop gaming and just enjoying one another's company.

The Faith part: Randall Worley serves as Senior Pastor at Prairie Creek Baptist Church in Plano, TX. He has a PhD in New New Testament studies and teaches part-time with B. H. Carroll Theological Institute. He will be sharing in this group about his faith, but is also very much interested in hearing what others have to say about their own faith positions, the underlying assumptions upon which they base their overall framework for making sense of life. This group welcomes questions and other points of view.

The Games part: Randall has also become somewhat of an avid gamer over the past few years. As an example, he owns every expansion made for the deck-builder Marvel Legendary, and maintains a universal rulebook that he updates with each new expansion. And that's not even his favorite game! He sleeves his cards, buys organizers when available, and keeps a running record of games played on his phone with BG stats. He has kept a family tradition the past few years of playing Twilight Imperium, 4th edition on January first with his wife, children, and friends.