Prairie Creek Baptist Church is concerned for the welfare of the children in our care. Therefore, we have established a child protection plan for the prevention of child abuse. Screening of both volunteers and paid staff is a critical part of the process. We have set up this page as a convenient way to communicate our policies and assure that our workers are trained to recognize and prevent abuse.

Items All Volunteers Must Complete Every Two Years

1. Read the Prairie Creek Baptist Church Policy Manual for the Prevention of Child Abuse

2. Watch this 20-minute video: Safety Tips On A Sensitive Subject: Child Sexual Abuse

First Time Volunteers

If this is your first time to go through Child Protection Training, please download and print the Volunteer Application Packet and the Additional Child Protection Forms. Please fill out all forms legibly and completely. By signing the Criminal Record Check form, you authorize Prairie Creek Baptist Church to conduct a criminal background check on you. By signing the Acknowledgement of Receipt of Training form, you certify that you have read and viewed all the information contained in the items above. When you have completed the forms and training, please return the forms to Cheryl Davis in the church office. All forms are considered private and are secured under lock and key.

Volunteer Update

Volunteers are required to update their training every two years. You may do this by rereading the Policy Manual for the Prevention of Child Abuse and viewing the Safety Tips video (links above). When you have completed this, please sign the Acknowledgment of Receipt of Training form and return it to the church office. 

Thank you for volunteering to work with children. Together we can provide a safe and nurturing environment for children.